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Writers' Refuge
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like New Zealand, but with bigger tits. [userpic]

No, actually, congradulations to everyone who made it to and past the 50,000. I only made it %90, but there's always next year. I'd offer up my talents as presents to those who won, but I realized I have none. Except for fic writting, I guess, or making graphics, not drawings, so if you want a graphic of some sexy anime boys congradulating you on winning, lemme know. I'll be happy to oblige, because you more than deserve it. ;)

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Aoi's Lost Dream [userpic]

It's December, and that means NaNoWriMo is done. back in october i promised a drawing for anyone who wins, so if you've made it past the 50,000 word mark, and would like a drawing, comment away! ill try to get to them as fast as i can. If you have specific idea for something you would like, please let me know, or if you'd prefer, link me to your story and ill try to draw something from there. <3

*glomps the group* :3

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clarediva [userpic]

And still writing - at least 2 chapters to go *haha*!!

Zokutou word meter
50,106 / 50,000

Go Go GO Everyone!!

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a human [userpic]

Howdy all! My apologies for being rather MIA from the community these past weeks. I'd hoped to post many pep talks, which I didn't so I'm sorry for that. :(

I have been working on my novel frantically (and am less than 500 words from finishing the 50K, and natarajah is in a similar spot, but she's been unable to log in to lj to post) and thought I'd poke my head in to ask how everyone's doing? Good? Bad? Thrown in the towel? Almost there? Hoping to put in 50K over the next two-three days? ^__^

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clarediva [userpic]

Well, I have a job at last! Starts today, I'll see how it goes, but I'm excited by it all - I don't think unemployment suited me... *sigh*

But the writing may take a fall - how am I going to find enough time to fit it all in?!

I'm at 30k now - not boasting, just astonished - how is everyone doing??? I did my own 500 word 'self-race' last night, and I was pleasantly surprised how the words tumbled out under pressure *haha*.

My main problems are the time available to write, and also trying to keep up the enthusiasm for the novel, as it grows, though I'm still enjoying the characters. And trying to stop myself re-reading all the time and editing! This has been an education in itself...

Anyway, enough of my moans.
Good luck all! Keep those fingers tapping...

a human [userpic]

Come one, come all! How fast can you rack up 500 words of original (it doesn't have to be good) prose for your NaNoWriMo story?

If you're keen to participate tonight (in any round), just drop a reply to this post. Remember to refresh the page to check for updates to this post to check the status of the current round.

Round 1 - finished
Starts: 8:15 EST
Participants: Natea, Briar Eve, Raletha
Winner: Briar Eve!

Round 2
Starts: ummm. whenever - leave a post if you want to join.

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clarediva [userpic]

Monumental decision today to *change* my hero's name! I followed some suggestions and read parts of the novel-so-far out loud, and the first name I'd chosen just would not work!! So have spent at least an hour rolling different names around until I found one that suited.


Not very resilient this week, and the writing has slowed to a halt today. Perhaps some more tomorrow...??

Hope it's all going well elsewhere!

Race Four! (Yo, Bring it!)

Participants (read: NaNo-slaves), post a brief reply to this please, and at 7:40 pm EST, I'll update this post and we'll GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO, etc. . .

Round one: Warming up
Starts: 7:40 pm EST
Participants:Raletha, Briar Eve. . .

clarediva [userpic]

Anyone else having problems with the family complaining about the writing??? I keep getting cries of 'geek' from my lot, and although I've explained the *fun* of writing 50k words in a month, they seem unimpressed, and accuse me of being antisocial.


I'm so keen to get ahead of myself, because I really don't think I'll be 'allowed' to spend as much time on it towards the end of the month. It's Son#1's birthday, and all sorts of family events to arrange for that, and Xmas on its way...

Anyway, I'm still battling on! Glad to see the 'races' are keeping many of you going! I'm approaching an Action part of my plot, which I really don't *do* very well, so we'll see how it goes from there. Gotta get my hero kidnapped, forced closer to his protegee, and begin his gradual disillusion with his (previously stable yet sterile) life.

Yeah, no probs at all!
Best wishes to all!!!!

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Race Three! (Yo, Bring it!)

Participants (read: NaNo-slaves), post a brief reply to this please, and at 10:20 pm EST, I'll update this post and we'll GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO, etc. . .

Round one: Finished
Starts: 10:20 pm EST
Participants:Calliope, Raletha, Briar Eve. . .

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